Momofuku Shōtō

This unique diner seats only 22 lucky patrons. The bar is where these people sit and are able to sip their cocktails and watch a group of chefs and cooks work who are preparing unique, flavourful and tasty dishes. The dishes are complex and elegant and the overall experience is worth trying on your next visit to the city.

he Chase

Toronto’s hottest spot for seafood is located in downtown. There are so many succulent options to choose from including one of their top sellers, the lobster roll that comes with kettle chips but not just any kettle chips; dill kettle chips.


Miku is also one of Vancouver’s favourite spots. The downtown restaurant prides itself on using sustainable fish and creating beautiful sushi displays. Make sure to try the tiered sushi plate.


Also on the list of pricier restaurants, it follows that its downtown location combined with a beautiful menu that highlights and showcases some of the finest ingredients that Canada has to offer, make it worth every penny.


Owned and operated by world renowned chef Mark McEwan, Bymark is no ordinary steakhouse. Bymark offers an exciting take on some classics like the lobster poutine that features a beautiful, rich Bearnaise sauce.

Biff’s Bistro

If you’ve ever wanted to see what happens when Britain and France meet, here is your chance; French inspired decor with British inspired food, this classy yet casual spot is a favourite for those looking for a high-end lunch or a set dinner menu. Try the fish, chip, and pickle.


Possibly Toronto’s best and favourite hotel restaurant, Bosk offers a clean, crisp atmosphere along with thoughtful dishes that are conceptualised by Bosk’s talented chef and culinary team.

As you can see, there is no shortage of restaurants to try in downtown Toronto. You may even have a tough time picking, so maybe just take a walk down one of the downtown streets and pick a spot you stumble across.