Toronto might arguably be one of the best Canadian cities for you if you have a major sweet tooth. There are places big and small with desserts of all different shapes and sizes to satisfy your sweet cravings. Here are just a few of the best that Toronto has to offer in terms of desserts:

Dutch Dreams

Having planted their roots in the Toronto community almost 3 decades ago, Dutch Dreams knows their ice cream. Try one of their dozens of unique flavours and don’t forget to deck your cone out by trying their various impressive cones made out of chocolate and so much more. This is the next level of ice cream.

Sud Forno

This is the place to stop at if you’re in the market for a tasty pastry. The buttery pastry is something that dreams are made of. The bakery boasts of all your favourite classics and some unique twists as well.

Junked Food Co.

Whether you’re in the mood for waffles or a completely tricked out doughnut, this place has dessert figured out. Make sure you don’t have plans after the dessert because their extremely decadent donuts will require a post game nap.

Eva’s Original Chimneys

These are the chimney cakes you’ve been looking for all your life! Amazingly cinamon/sugary chimney filled with delicious ice cream and topped with your choice of sauce. Amazing!


Almost too pretty to eat.. almost, this bakery makes the best eclairs that you will come across in the city… possibly ever!

Bake Shoppe

This is the infamous bakery where you get as close to your favourite celebs as you can.. well you get to eat them anyway. The Bake Shoppe prints celebrities on tasty cookies so you get a dose of your favourites while enjoying some tasty cookies.

The Golden Apple

Don’t ever forget or underestimate the candy apple. This place will change the way you see apples. Their amazing creations vary from apples coated in creamy caramel to those covered in white chocolate. The toppings are also endless.