Whether it’s hard to come by ingredients or top tier, world class chef or long-standing reputation, some restaurants are extremely pricey, and even that is an understatement. Maybe they are worth a try at some point in your life but beware, you may have to tap into your life savings.

  • Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hasimoto; This is a one man show with a small number of seats and over 30 years of experience in the industry. The chef uses fresh ingredients and has created an impressive omakase menu. The expertise and delicious food do not come without a price tag though; the menu (exclusive of any taxes, tips or drinks) is 300 dollars.
  • Jacob’s & Co; Another jewel in the city, a steakhouse with impressive seafood towers and various impressive cuts of beef from different places all over the world. The most inexpensive steak starts at around 75 dollars and the most expensive steak weighs in at around 1000.
  • Momofuku Shoto; a flat price but with a varying menu. So you pay the 185 dollars for your tasting menu but what you will get depends on the day and the chef’s choice.
  • Canoe; this Financial District restaurant is pricey, largely in part because of its locally sourced ingredients.
  • Barberian’s Steakhouse; This steakhouse features some of the best in the world of meat and meat dishes.
  • Scaramouche; known for its amazing views of the city, this restaurant’s skyline view comes with a price tag of over 230 dollars per person.
  • Sotto Sotto; This restaurant is Italian and of the finest quality. Both the wine and the food are to die for.
  • C5; The non-museum, museum restaurant located in the ROM is known for its peace and quiet and for its extensive and impressive menu created by the finest chefs.

If you’re in the market for a pricey meal, check out any of these restaurants.