Whether you’re new to the city, just visiting or a native looking for some of the most ‘Toronto’ style food, there are some definite ‘must haves when you’re in the city that you can only get in Toronto. Check out some of them:

Churrasco Chicken

Toronto is very fortunate to have a lot of Portuguese influence and population which means a ton of awesome, authentic Portuguese food that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in Canada. Churrasco chicken is no exception. It is an amazing BBQ chicken taken to the next level by being cooked on charcoal, giving it a unique flavour.


The all time favourite of many post-bar or late night enthusiasts. These Lebanese meals are the perfect combination of garlicky goodness and amazing street meat flavour. The best part is; most places allow you to customise.

Jamaican Beef Patties

Spicy, meaty, and flaky, what could possibly be better? These are not hard to come by but sure are tasty.

The Burger Priest

This is one of Toronto’s claims to fame. This is where even the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey players stop post game for a fuel up. The burgers here are sure to wow you. Try the Vatican City Burger; with grilled cheese as buns, two patties and a boat load of toppings, this burger is a show stopper.

Veal Sandwich

The name says it all but don’t let the simplicity fool you, Toronto has perfected the art of the veal sandwich. Tender meat, crispy bun, and cheese, this sandwich is something you will come to crave.

Pemeal Bacon Sandwich

Better known as ‘bacon on a bun’, this sandwich is a fan favourite. People flock from far and wide for a bacon on a bun.

Pastel de Nata

Another Portuguese delicacy, this pasty is mouth watering and very addictive.